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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the turnaround time for orders?
A: That depends upon several factors, such as whether we have the materials in stock or will need to order materials for your order. We ask that you kindly order your items ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of your anticipated pick-up date. This gives us ample time to order materials, build your items, and engrave them. If you are a school or organization who is ordering large quantities, we suggest that you place your order 10 working days prior to your pick-up date.

Q: Can I email to you the text that I want engraved on my items?
A: Yes, you can email us here

Q:  Can I see a proof of the engraving for my item before you engrave it?

A:  Yes, we will, at your request, email a proof to you prior to engraving your item.

Q: Do you charge extra for engraving? Do you have an extra set-up charge? Do you charge per letter or per word for engraving?
A: No. No. No. Only if your text involves more than 50 words to be engraved do we charge per word. Call us for a quote.

Q: What if something is misspelled on my trophy or plaque?
A: Errors do occur, of course, because we are all human.  If the error is ours, we will gladly correct the spelling at no charge to you. If the spelling error is that of the customer, we will correct the error and charge the customer only for the actual cost of the new engraved plate or component item.

Q: Can you engrave my organization’s logo onto a plaque?
A: Yes, we can engrave a logo onto a plaque, provided that you own the logo, or have the owner's permission for us to use the logo . We require that the logo be in pure black on a white background. For optimal results, the logo must be submitted to us electronically via email, and it must be in either .jpeg, .svg, or .cdr format. There may be an additional charge for engraving logos.  Call us for details.  

Q: Do you engrave on materials not purchased from Bayouland Trophies?
A: No, we only engrave on materials and items that we sell in our store. The reason for this that if we make an error on your outside item, we can not replace that item. 

Q: Do you place orders for trophy and plaque materials from retail companies?
A: No, we do not. If you would like for us to engrave a plate for an item that you have purchased from an outside retailer, we will gladly do so. We place orders for items only from wholesale vendors with whom we have an open account.

Q: Will you match a price for an item that I found online?
A: We do not price match. When you purchase from us, rest assured that you are getting our best price for your awards. We are confident that we have the lowest prices and best service in our area. While items listed on online websites appear to be less expensive and more convenient, in reality, many times they are not. Consider these questions: Is there an additional charge per item for engraving? What are the shipping charges for the items? Will your items arrive on time? Am I responsible for return shipping on the item if there is a spelling error? AM I ORDERING FULLY ASSEMBLED TROPHIES WITH THIS ONLINE COMPANY, OR ONLY TROPHY COMPONENTS THAT I WILL HAVE TO USE TO BUILD MY OWN TROPHIES??? Be sure to calculate ALL of the charges and work involved before placing your order with an online trophy retailer.

Q: Do you deliver orders to your customers?
A: Because of our limited staff and in order that we can concentrate on producing quality awards, we do not deliver orders.

Q: Do you recycle or buy back old trophies?
A: Because of space/storage limitations, we do not accept old trophies and plaques.  We suggest you give them to a local school, club, or organization who can repurpose them.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express, as well as cash and business checks.

Q: What are your store hours?
A: Our regular store hours are Monday thru Friday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm.  In addition, we are closed on major holidays, and we do schedule some vacation time during the summer. Occasionally, we may need to adjust hours due to family obligations. Please call to confirm our store hours.

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